I am a mapping enthusiast who has taken OpenStreetMap to heart. I am now a well traveled armchair mapper, mainly focused on Norway and Sweden, which are the countries I call-, and have called home. I have no particular theme to my mapping and add whatever I see is missing.

Particular projects I've worked on

Eda kommun

This is where I grew up, so naturally I have a lot to add here. This was my very first mapping venture - for better and for worse. I believe the town of Charlottenberg at this point is fully mapped out in terms of routing for both car, bike and foot. There may be a few "unofficial" paths here and there missing but I didnt want to add those. They would not add much to routing anyway. Unfortunatley, I do believe that the whole town is slightly offset due to a very confusing set (and low volume) of GPS tracks. Most of the town was mapped to 0,0-offset Bing aerial. Perhaps and upcoming project will be to fix this.


I just needed something to do, so I started adding buildings and roads to this small town in east Norway. Then i started adding 3D tags. No big deal.


A slight sidestep from Scandinavia to a Tongan volcano. I wanted an excessive project to map with silly detail. No roads, 1 building, and lots of scree, scrub and wood. Had to use both Bing and Digital Globe to see what was under that persistant cloud cover, but I think in the end I captured most of it.